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Before And After Gallery

Creative home makeover images sent in to us by our customers using products from Bargain Outlet.

  • BObaGal1a.jpg
    Bathroom remodel by Shawneee V. -Geneseo, NY.
  • BObaGal1b.jpg
    Bathroom remodel by Shawneee V. -Geneseo, NY. We recently purchased our home and have gutted and redone almost each room since then. Two of our major projects were the kitchen and bath! We used ceramic flooring in our bathroom from Bargain Outlet. Both look absolutely amazing and we will be back to shop as we continue our renovation!
  • BObaGal7b.jpg
    Kitchen remodel by Marie L. -East Hartford, CT.
  • BObaGal7a.jpg
    Kitchen remodel by Marie L. -East Hartford, CT. We had our kitchen remodeled and love the products we purchased from Bargain Outlet. Notice our beautiful matte finish floor tile. It is fantastic! The backsplash from Bargain Outlet really pops and transformed our kitchen to something really special. We kept all of our old appliances, but they look so good now.
  • BObaGal3b.jpg
    Kitchen remodel by Paula T. -Erie, PA.
  • BObaGal3a.jpg
    Kitchen remodel by Paula T. -Erie, PA. We purchased a home knowing that we could put in a kitchen ourselves using Bargain Outlet's products. The kitchen has a fiberboard sink, cabinet and a pantry. I designed the kitchen, using the tools and pamphlets provided by Bargain Outlet. We purchased the sink and faucet from there at the same time. We put the cabinets together, one by one, then installed them. It was our first time and I have to admit, it looks really good. When we saved enough money, we purchased the countertop and the valances. We are very proud of the kitchen and have received many compliments. Our next project is another kitchen in our daughter's house, we have already installed the flooring and purchased the countertop (from Bargain Outlet). Next we will be ordering the cabinets, buying the sink and faucet and then installing them. Thanks for everything you do for us!!
  • BObaGal4b.jpg
    Basement room makeover by Robert H. -Auburn, MA.
  • BObaGal4a.jpg
    Basement room makeover by Robert H. -Auburn, MA. I decided to turn an unfinished (and rather nasty) section of my basement into an awesome billiards room. You can see I used Bargain Outlet's windows and trim boards (as well as an exterior door, where there was formerly just a big garage door opening. You can see the Bargain Outlet windows. The laminate flooring is also from Bargain Outlet (Kronos). All of the wood trim boards and most of the lighting, some of which you can't see, is from Bargain Outlet as well. Thanks for helping to give me a lot of enjoyment with the kids.
  • BObaGal5b.jpg
    Kitchen remodel by Susan U. -North Syracuse, NY.
  • BObaGal5a.jpg
    Kitchen remodel by Susan U. -North Syracuse, NY. We purchased a 912 sq. ft. 1950's ranch that had been really well-maintained over the years, but was in need of some updating to the kitchen and the bath. To match the cozy size of the home was a really small kitchen. When we bought it, the kitchen was open to the left, into the third bedroom, to accommodate laundry facilities. We chose to rebuild that wall to recover the third bedroom for a den/home office space and relocated the laundry to the basement. We were very happy with our Bargain Outlet purchases for both the kitchen and the bath. We used Bargain Outlet's cabinets, hardware, counter tops, floor tiles and grout. The effect of the black appliances with the dark, cherry-hued cabinetry is nothing less than stunning. Both storage and counter space were significantly increased, proving that even small-scale kitchens can be warm, inviting and practical.
  • BObaGal6b.jpg
    Kitchen remodel by William M. -Plymouth, MA.
  • BObaGal6a.jpg
    Kitchen remodel by William M. -Plymouth, MA. We gutted a 25 year old kitchen and replaced it with all new cabinets.
  • BObaGal8b.jpg
    Room flooring makeover by Rene L. -East Hartford, CT.
  • BObaGal8a.jpg
    Room flooring makeover by Rene L. -East Hartford, CT. We ripped up the 45 year old parquet floor. It was very scratched and a mess. We then bought Matte Gloss and used the felt underlayment. My brother helped me do the entire floor in a weekend (2 days). We are so pleased with the quality of the products. The felt was so easy to work with. Walking into this room feels great - it is solid, no creaking. So nice to have that shine and it brightens up this room so much. Big difference when seen in person and the room shines. Wife Loves it!!
  • BObaGal2a.jpg
    Kitchen remodel by Jennifer N. - Springfield, MA.
  • BObaGal2b.jpg
    Kitchen remodel by Jennifer N. - Springfield, MA. From the subfloor up...tile base, thinset, floor tiles, grout, counter top, sink and liquid nails. The entire renovation was with Bargain Outlet products! Love the quality and selection!!